145 Champagne/Choc 2xTrips

*[#3577b] This is a home that in June 2013 we installed these chocolate fabric with champagne framed solar screens on. We put solar screens on all of the windows of this customer’s home.

3557b (1)

Front of home. There is not a solar screen on the front glass door or on the windows of the garage as these are areas (windows) that we DO NOT recommend putting solar screens on.

These champagne framed solar screens really look pretty on this home.

Every time I drive by this house, I look up at it, and I’m always impressed at how pretty that champagne frame around that chocolate fabric works with the exterior of this home.

3557b (2)

Right side of the home. This is a tricky window to put a solar screen on, as this window has a raised dividing bar going through the middle of the window. I have mastered putting solar screens on these kind of windows over the years and when I am done they not only look good, but they fit really well, and very importantly you can easily get the solar screen out of the window when you need to.

These pictures don’t really do the aesthetics (looks and appearance) of the this home justice. They don’t really do justice to the champagne frame around that chocolate fabric, but when you see the home firsthand, it is all a really pretty look.

Something I wanted to mention here as shown here via this back of the home picture (shonw below).

3557b (3)

Back of home. The customer chose to not put solar screens on the two back patio doors when they did their initial installation and had us come back over at a later date (about two months later) to put solar screens on the back patio doors.

There are two back patio doors. The customer chose not to put solar screens on those two back patio doors, and about a month later the customer called us and wanted solar screens put on those two back patio doors.

The pricing for making this as a multiple trip solar screen installation project is posted on our pricing page.   My discounted solar screen pricing is thoroughly explained there and will show you what the additional costs are when we have to make a multitude of trips. For every trip we make, there are hard costs to us to make them, therefore, those costs have to be paid for.  All of this is explained on my pricing page.

We strongly encourage you, when you do your pricing, to take into consideration what those additional costs will be if you choose to add windows subsequently to us doing the initial installation of your screens.

If you decide to leave some windows uncovered, please do figure out what the costs will be  to add those windows later on so that you can take that in to consideration when putting screens on your home the first time.

3557b (4)

Left side of home.

We encourage people aggressively to put solar screens on all of their windows and as an encouragement I often run whole house specials. If you think you might need a solar screen on a window and are thinking about leaving that window uncovered, the chances are pretty good you’re going to want a solar screen on that window once we have put solar screens on all the rest of the windows of your home.  I far too often council with customers about leaving a window here and there and uncovered that choose to leave those windows uncovered, and subsequently have to put screens on those windows they chose to leave off.  The house looks SOOO much better when you screen all the windows.  Especially the front of your home, I strongly discourage leaving windows uncovered around your front door.  This and the back patio doors and bathroom fogged (or glass block tiled windows) are areas of the house that customers often choose to leave uncovered, and at later date request that we come back to cover.

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