140 Choc/White A/C Unit Window

*[#3553] On Monday, June 24, 2013, I did this solar screen installation for this customer’s Manor, Texas home. I installed 24 solar screens on every window of this Manor TX home.

The customer used the chocolate solar screen fabric with white framing.

3553 (4)

Manor Texas Home, solar screens for all the windows. That’s me (Josh Hobbs) on the ladder 🙂 What you can’t see very well in this picture are TWO swing out doors on the 2nd floor patio that we put solar screens on.

You can see here (below picture) the back of this customer’s home where the customer had us put a solar screen on their back patio door. By looking at this picture, you’ll see that that back patio door got plenty of direct sun light, therefore not only was a solar screen warranted, but it also looked best to have one.

3553 (2)

Back of home. Solar screen was mounted on patio door.

As shown in the picture below, this is the right side of the customer’s home, the customer had a window‑mounted air conditioning unit of which they wanted to keep, but also wanted a solar screen for the window.

3553 (3)

Showing a picture of a window with a window mounted A/C unit that we put a solar screen on.

It is very common for us to come across these kinds of situations, and it is absolutely no problem for us to install a solar screen on a window that has an air conditioning unit like this.

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