139 Solar & Bug Screens

[#3551] In Austin Texas on Monday June the 3rd, 2013, we completed this solar screen and bug (insect) screen installation. It involved us installing seven solar screens, six 90% solar screens on the front of the home and one 80% solar screen on the left side of the home.

We additionally put on this house nine bug (insect)screens.

On the front of this home, we put the 90 percent solar screen fabric and on the left side of the home, we put the 80 percent solar screen fabric.  The front of the home faces West.  The customer did not choose to put solar screens on the 1st floor windows.

3551 (3)

90% solar screens for the second floor windows.

On the back and right side of this home we installed nine bug screens.  Bug screens (as shown below with the following two pictures) are screens that just fit into the opening portion of your window.

3551 (4b)

These windows were shaded and not a heat problem, so the customer wanted new screens for them, so he opted for us to build him bug (insect) screens which just fits into the opening portion of the window. Bug (insect) screens are designed to keep the flying insect screens out of the house, not crawling bugs, as no screen will keep crawling bugs out. Solar screens also keep the flying bugs out, but they are made from a much heavier duty fabric, one that’s also pet resistant (very strong), and the solar screen fits over the entire widow with the purpose of providing shade for that entire window. The purpose of the bug screen is simply to keep out the flying insect screens, and they only fit into the opening portion of the window, and they DO NOT provide any sort of shade for the window.

You can Click here for our Bug and Insect window screen pricing.

We install the bug screens for a flat rate of $25 each if we are already going to be at the home installing the solar window screens.  Or for a minimum bug screen order job of  $315 (nine installed bug screens) you can place a stand alone bug screen order with us.  For $315 you get nine installed bug screens, which involves us making a measuring trip to your home, then building the screens for you, then delivering the new screens to your home and installing them for you (2-trips 9-bug screens).  And each bug screen you need in addition to the nine only costs $25 each.

If you prefer to add a some bug screens to your solar screen order, the bug screens are priced  at $25 p/screen.

In the case of this project, he had us build seven solar screens for the front and left side of his home, therefore he was able to get the nine bug screens he wanted for the $25 each rate.

3551 (5)

We built and installed bug screens for these windows. Bug screens are screens made out of a light weight fiber-wire that just fit into the opening portion of the window designed to keep flying insect screens out of the home when the window is in the opening position.



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