138 Black/White 90% Red Brick Stucco

[#3549] This home is off of Lord Byron Circle in Round Rock, Texas in the Forest Creek subdivision. We completed this solar screen installation on June, the 12th, 2013. It involved us installing 14 solar screens totaling 1,433 inches.  We upgraded all 14 of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric. We built four custom arches for this customer. The sides of the home that we installed the solar screens on are the front, right, and left sides. This home is located in the Forest Creek subdivision.

The installed cost for this 14 solar screen job w/ (4) arches and (14) 90% upgrades was $990

3549 (3)

Front of home in Round Rock Texas.

I remember this home very well as these windows were difficult to install the solar screens on. The window frame did not have very much room on the outside of the frame for us to put our die cast metal turn clips on.   Watch this video to understand more about our die cast metal turn clips.

We had to scrape away mortar and there was a lot of mortar for each and every one of these windows in order to create a hole in the mortar for us to install our turn clips.  The reason there was so much mortar was that the brick/stone layers and stucco installers put mortar and stucco over the aluminum framing of the window.  The die cast metal clips ONLY install on to the aluminum framing, so to get to the framing, I had to dig out the mortar and stucco on/for pretty much every side, for each and every one of these windows.

3549 (4)

Left of home in Round Rock Texas.

Most people (installers), I can safely say, pretty much all installations of ALL other installers out there would have chose to have direct screwed the screens to the window frame. We had the option and chose not to. It just took a bit longer, a lot longer, to install the turn clips, so that’s what we chose to do.  This is a situation whereby the customer massively benefited from our one price fits all model.  This customer paid the EXACT same price from us as any other job, however this job took four to five times as long as a comparable job of this size on say a single story pop-in installation house.   We seem to ALWAYS (it seems 🙂 ) get the difficult jobs out there.  For the difficult jobs, we hear all the time from our customers that our pricing was SOOOO much lower than everyone else, and it’s simply because of my pricing model, because I charge everyone the same rate regardless of the complexity involved to compete the installation.  For the difficult jobs, they benefit immensely from our one price fits all pricing structure.

3549 (5)

Right of home in Round Rock Texas.

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