136 Chocolate/White Vinyl Windows

*[#3546]  On May the 31st, 2013, a Friday, we installed 13 solar screens for this customer on his home in Cedar Park, Texas. The total inches for this Cedar Park Texas solar screen installation is 1,324. The fabric color is chocolate, and the framing color is white.

The customer’s window frames were white, so we matched that up with the solar screen framing. The customer upgraded six of his solar screens to the 90 percent fabric. The six that he upgraded are all on the back of the home. They are not the windows underneath the back patio.

3546 (4)

Vinyl window installation. Illustrating solar screens installed on vinyl windows. All solar screens installed on to vinyl windows are direct screwed to the framing of the vinyl windows.

We could have really enhanced this back patio by using some of our outdoor patio shades. Our outdoor sun shades would have provided this customer a great about of temporary shade for that back patio.

The windows underneath the back patio, he put the 80 percent solar screens on. He also put a solar screen on the back patio door, which he needed and ultimately looked best verses leaving it uncovered.

On the left side of his home, as shown by the following picture, the customer put solar screens on just these two windows, he did not put solar screens on the rest of the left hand side windows.

3546 (3)

Left side of home.

I would have preferred to have seen him put solar screens on all the windows there on the left side of his house. The reason why he chose to put them on just those two left side back windows is that those two windows feed into a dining room of which the two back windows also feed in to.  He didn’t want to be sitting inside of his dining room and see solar screens on some of the windows but not all of them.  He wanted it to be a consistent look and feel while inside of that room (he wanted solar screens on all the windows of that room).

For me, I would’ve taken it a step further, I would have liked to have seen this customer put the solar screens on the remaining two windows there on the left hand side of the home.  The cost would have been minimal and the appearance to me would have been much better.

These windows are vinyl windows, they required a direct screw on method. We have illustrations and explanations of how we install our solar screens on to vinyl windows here on our “Videos of How We Install” page.

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