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*[#3541] This is a small installation that we did in Pflugerville, Texas. We did this Pflugerville Texas solar screen installation on Friday, May, the 24th, 2013. It involved five solar screens and one of the solar screens is an arch screen and the other four are regular solar screens.

We used the black solar screen fabric and white frame. The total inches for this order were just under 500 inches. Therefore, this order met our 2013 minimum, which was $310, and then there was a $20 arch fee, therefore the installation cost for these five solar screens was $330.

3541 (5)

Left side of the home.

3541 (6)

Left side of the home, illustrating three solar screens surface mounted next to each with the die-cast metal mounting clips. This is an example of three windows mounted next to each other, therefore requiring three actual screens.

You’ll see here via the picture (below) of this arched solar screen that is actually two windows that we made one solar screen for.   There’s a rectangular window with a 1/2-circle window mounted on top of.   We were able to cheat this in the sense that we were able to build one solar screen to fit over both of those windows.

3541 (3)

It is extremely rare that we are able to do this, but in the case where we can and it’s the right thing to do, then by all means we will do it for you.

When windows like this are installed into the home, how it is done is that the builder sources two windows, an opening 46×60″ window that you likely have many others of just alike around your home, and a 1/2-circle 46×20″ window.  The builder (installer of the window) used a 46″ wide piece of mullion (the piece of aluminum that goes between two adjoining windows made to join two windows).  This mullion gets screwed to the adjoining window to hold the two windows together.   In the picture below you will see screw heads there on the joining piece of mullion.

3541 (4)

Close-up picture of one large arched solar screen that we built to fit over two windows, a 46 x 60 rectangular window and a 46 x 20 1/2-circle window. For this rare combination of windows, we are able to build one solar screen that fits over the both of these two windows. When we come across this combination (this exact set of windows), we will always do this for the customer. These particular windows require surface mounting of the solar screens, which means we use our die-cast metal turn clips, and to be able to make one large screen, the 1/2 circle window frame needs to fit flush with the opening window below, so that the screen can fit over the area where they join smoothly, therefore not causing any gapping.

For these windows, the installer of the windows aligned the screws with the grid work of the two windows, so in this picture you can easily see the three screw heads by focusing on the grid work.  There are actually two more screws, but they were behind where our solar screen framing needed to go, so because we want our solar screen framing to fit flat on the window’s frame (not elevated sitting on top of a screw head), we removed the screws and re-positioned them farther out toward the edge of the mullion.  If you closely look at the above picture, you will see there to the right of the screen, on the mullion, between the screen’s frame and the brick there is another screw head, that was from us re-locating that screw so the solar screen didn’t have to sit on top of the screw head.

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