132 Chocolate/White Sandstone

In Buda, Texas, on May, the 28th, 2013, we did this 14 solar screen installation for this customer totaling 1,436 inches. We installed solar screens on the left and back side of the home.

Back of home.  Eight Buda solar screens.  One under the patio.

Back of home. Eight Buda solar screens. One under the patio.

I sure would have liked to have put their on that back patio one of our outdoor sun shades for patio products. We could have really given us customer a great amount of shade using one of our outdoor roller blinds.  Doing so would have enhanced that back patio.

The customer did not put a solar screen on his back patio door, however, he put solar screens on all of the windows there on the left side of the house with the exception of those two little small windows there leading into his kitchen.

These solar screens required surface mounting.

The customer put the 90 percent fabric on the left side of the house because it’s the left side of the house that faces due west, and he put the 80 percent fabric on the back of the home.

This customer was really worried about the outward visibility for solar screens. He was really worried about seeing through the solar screens. Once I put the solar screens up he was pleasantly surprised. Once I installed the 90% solar screens his fears were quickly eliminated. He was very happy with how well he could see through the solar screens.

The solar screen color of fabric that we used is the chocolate fabric, and the framing color that we used is white. Taking a look at this picture (below) here showing the left side of the home, you’re going to see two rectangular windows with an arch on top of those two rectangular windows.  This turned out to be a beautiful Buda TX solar window screen installation.

3539 (3)

Left side of home. 90% solar screen fabric. Five windows that took five solar screens.

As illustrated here on the Q&A page you will see how we show it’s one solar screen per window. In this picture (above) you see there shown to the right of the picture three solar screens, which means there are three windows, two 46×60 windows, and an 92 wide arch on top of them.

Those two that open, they get our surface mounting clips. They have turn clips that turn to hold the screens in place. That arch on top, it fits onto window channeling that goes around your glass to hold your glass in place.  The arch was made to beautifully fit onto that channeling which nicely matches the curves of the arch so that it looks like it was produced by the window factory.

It’s that channeling that we direct screw that screen to.

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