130 Chocolate/Brown Sandstone Tuscan

*[#3536] On Friday, May the 24th, 2013, we installed 21 solar screens totaling 1,887 inches on this customer’s home in Leander, Texas.

This home is located in Leander, Texas within the Crystal Falls subdivision.

We built these 21 solar screens out of our chocolate solar screen fabric using our brown framing. The brown frame matched the customer’s window frame.

3536 (5)

Back of home. Installation was completed during a Storm. The customer inside was pleading with us to stop working and come back on another day. We still had more stops after this, and when I tell a customer to expect me on a specific day, they can count on me coming by. A little rain is not going to stop me.

The customer did not upgrade any of the windows to the 90 percent fabric. All of these solar screens were built using the 80 percent fabric. We installed 12 solar screens on the front of the home and then we put 9 solar screens on the back of the home.

At the time of this installation, it was pouring down rain and we did not push off the installation. Even though it’s raining, we will, by all means, still do the installations. At this particular time, it was really pouring down rain. I remember it very clearly, because there was four inches of standing water in the areas that I was working.  The property sloped so much that where I was standing at both the front and back, the water was settling.

You’ll see here on the front of the home, the customer has quite a few arched windows.  All of those windows got solar window screens.

3536 (3)

Front of home showing six arched windows.

This picture below illustrates the back of the home. You’re going to see that that’s a grouping of six windows. It might look to you, from the inside, as one window or even three windows. Take a closer look, and you’re going to see there are three rectangular windows that open up and down and then you will see that there are three small non‑opening windows on top of each of those rectangular windows. That is a grouping of six windows. Therefore, it will require six solar screens.

3536 (4)

Illustrating SIX windows, which took six solar screens.

When you do your solar window screen pricing, please remember it’s one solar screen per window.

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