129 Chocolate/White Caramel Brick

*[#3535] Shown here is a solar screen installation we did on Friday, May the 24th, 2013. We installed thirteen chocolate solar screens with white frames. We installed these chocolate solar screens on every window of this customer’s home to include the front, left, right, and back sides (13 total windows). Where we did not put our solar screens were on her back patio doors, as shown here in this picture.

3535 (5)

Back of the home, 80% solar window screens.

The customer did not get sun on/through those back patio doors because of the overhang there on her back patio porch, so the customer did not want us to cover the doors with our solar screens.  However. the customer could have got one of our Austin outdoor sun shades.

If you would like to learn about how we install our solar screens on doors, click here.

3535 (3)

Front of the home, four West facing windows. 90% fabric was used here.

We put our 90 percent solar screens on the front of this home, as these front four windows face the West.  For all of the rest of the windows of the home, we used our 80 percent solar screen fabric.

3535 (6)

Right side of the home, 80% solar window screens.

3535 (4)

Left side of the home, 80% solar window screen for a glass block bathroom window.

This is a Leander Texas Solar Screen installation.   Click here for my Austin TX Solar Screen Installation service area map.

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