127 Black/White White Limestone

*[#3529] For this installed Austin solar window screen Texas installation we built and installed 16 solar screens totaling 1,494 inches. The installation was performed on Monday, May the 20th, 2013.  All of the solar screens were made out of our 80 percent fabric. We did not upgrade any of the screens for this home’s windows to the 90 percent fabric.

3529 (3)

Seven black fabric 80% solar screens. This side of the home got plenty of shade from the shade trees.

This customer had old solar screens of which we hauled off for him.  We always haul off your old screens for you.

Many of these windows were very difficult to install the solar screens on. They were pop‑in windows but some were very difficult because the tracks that the screens popped into were not level, they were bent and badly bowed.

3529 (4)

Right side of the home, 80% solar screens.

When the builder built this home, they did not put the windows in very well. One side of the window might be three‑eighth of an inch higher or lower than the other side. There were big bends in the bottom framing of many of the windows, which made it very difficult for us to work with. But we prevailed, and prevailed well.  What we did first was we measured each and every window uniquely and we made each screen specific for that window.  And in some cases we modified the screen while mounted in the window’s frame by removing spline and rerolling to account for the bent window’s framing.  This ensured that the fabric stayed looking tight thus not showing waviness.

We don’t just go around and get one measurement of a window that’s of a specific size and make all our screens from that one measurement.  We intelligently go around and investigate each and every window. If a solar screen requires to be made three‑sixteenth of an inch shorter or an eighth of an inch narrower, that’s how we build it for that specific window.  We do this because we want the solar screen to fit in to that window very well.  Each of these screens are made custom for these windows, so why wouldn’t we build them so for them to fit flawlessly. It is important to us that the solar screens fit tight and snug.  You want the screens to look good, and you do not want them to easily come out(off) on their own.

3529 (5)

Left side of home, 80% solar screens.

3529 (6)

Back of home, all windows covered except the patio door. Pergolas can sometimes be a problem if they are not strong enough to support our weight and if a ladder is required to put on top of a pergola to get to much higher windows.

Using one of our Austin outdoor shades for this particular would have giving this homeowner a great amount of shade for the patio.  Our porch Shades are ideal to roll up and down to provide temporary shade for pergola areas like this.

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