125 Black/White Lavender Brick

*[#3523] For this solar window screen Austin Texas installation, we installed 26 solar screens. That’s a solar screen for each and every window of this Austin, Texas, home. The total inches for the 26 windows is 2,309 inches.

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Front of home, 90% solar screen fabric was used for the (8) 2nd floor windows and the 80% fabric was used for the (4) 1st floor windows.

We upgraded eight of these solar window screens to the 90 percent fabric and the eight that we upgraded are on the front second floor of the home. The eight windows we upgraded are shown in this picture on the second floor.  Those eight windows got blasted by the West afternoon sun, therefore very much warranted the denser 90% solar screen fabric, click here to learn when and where you should use the 80% fabric verses the 90% fabric.

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Left side of home, 80% solar window screens.

The framing color that we used on this home was white. The customer’s window framing was white, and we used white framing for our solar window screens. The installation method that we used was the pop‑in solar screen installation technique.

We even installed a solar screen for the customer on his back patio door. We put solar window screens on all of the windows of this home. I remember doing this installation and the customer had previously attempted building a solar window screen himself for one of his windows that I had removed for him and replaced with one of mine.

3523 (5)

Back of home, 80% solar window screens were used and we shaded the patio door with a solar window screen.

That small back patio there could have benefited from one of our Austin roll up patio shades. We could have used one or two exterior blinds to a provider this customer temporary shade for their patio.

It is very common for us to see people that have attempted do this on their own, I like it when they do that because they get to see when we do it, when we put our solar window screens on, when we build them and we make them, they get to see what the quality and craftsmanship is like compared to their attempt at it.

This is a skilled trade. It takes a lot of talent to be able to do this right.  With that said, there are MANY so called professionals out there that do not posses the skill sets to do jobs well.  All over town I see poor installations, one’s that make me cringe.  I say on  my website, “Why gamble with the rest when you are guaranteed the best with JoshHobbs.com”, and that’s a very true statement.   My pricing is awesome, and I am quick and efficient, and the end result will be perfect.

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Right side of home, 80% solar window screens.

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