123 Black/White None-4-Back-Patio

*[3521] For this Cedar Park Texas solar screen installation, we installed 12 solar screens for this home totaling 1,180 inches.

3521 (3)

Front of home, (7) 80% black solar screens.  Showing Cedar Park Texas Solar  Window Screens front side of home.

We installed solar screens on the front, right, and back side of the house.

3521 (4)

Right side of home small bathroom window. People often want to leave this window uncovered, but doing so looks odd and the cost to screen it while we are screening all the rest of your windows is minimal because it is such a small window.

The customer did not have any windows on the left side and he only had that one small window there on the right side.

On the back, he had this back porch covering. He didn’t feel it was necessary to put the solar screens under the back porch.  This is what it looks like when you put solar screens on the 2nd floor over a back porch like this, and you don’t put them on the 1st floor under the patio.

3521 (5)

Back of home 80% solar windows screens. Customer did not screen the windows under the back patio.

If the back of this home faced West, the customer would have wanted to screen those windows under the patio.  And, I would have suggested a patio roller shade screen as well.  Using some of our outdoor roll down shades could created a nice shaded area for this patio.  And, we could have made our exterior patio blinds out of the same fabric we custom made their solar screens out of.

We did this Cedar Park TX solar screen installation in May 2013. It’s typical when we do these installations in May that people traditionally steer their decisions toward using the 80 percent fabric verses using a combination of some 80% and 90%.  Because it’s not during the heat of the summer, some people have a hard time recognizing the benefit of the 90% fabric.  Then on the flipside, when it is Summer, people are wanting to put the 90% fabric on all of their windows which I have to convince them not to do.

I will always make to you my recommendations of the 80 percent versus 90 percent fabric and then leave the final decision up to you. If your windows receive four hours or more of direct afternoon west facing sun, come summer, that extra 10 percent shading will render a significant help.  It’s only 10% more shading, but it does make a big difference where needed.

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