121 Choc/White SalmonTaupe Brick

*[#3519] This is a solar screen installation that we did for this Cedar Park, Texas, home on May, the 14th, 2013. We installed 15 total solar screens for a total of 1,524 inches.  We installed our solar screens on the back and right sides of this house.

3519 (3)

(3) chocolate 80% solar screens with white frame. (2)35×59 windows with a 70×30 arch over the top of them.

Each of these 15 screens were made out of the 80 percent fabric.  The customer did not upgrade any of the screens to the 90% fabric.

3519 (6)

Back of home. 80% chocolate solar screens with white framing. The customer put a solar screen on their back patio door.

012218 Update:  We were called back out to this home to install a patio roll shade screen for this back patio.  The customer loves their solar window screens and wanted to enjoy their back patio more.  So, they had us come back out to put a roller shade screen up for them.  When we make our patio blinds we can make them to match your solar window screens.

This customer had us give him an option on his order to put solar screens on these three windows here under the back patio (see below) to include the arch window, a solar screen for the swing out door and one the 46×60″ window the leads into their dining area.

3519 (5)

Three windows under the back patio.

The customer for this solar screen Cedar Park TX project expressed that they were not sure that they wanted the solar screens here because of their extensive (large/deep) back patio covering.

Take a look at the distant picture (above) of all of these windows on the back of the home, and you can see that the look is much cleaner, it’s consistent in appearance and looks much better with solar screens on all of these windows.

The cost for these three windows was only $198.  It wasn’t a significant amount of money, and what happened was it made the home look that much better, cleaner and nicer.

3519 (4)

Side-by-side 35×59 windows. These screens were installed with die cast metal mounting clips.

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