120 Black/Champ Limestone&Stucco

*[#3516]  This Austin TX Solar Window Screen installation we performed in South Austin on Monday May the 13th 2013 and we installed our solar window screens on all of the windows of this customer’s home which made up a need for 12 of our solar window screens.

This entire job only totaled 948 inches. Many of these windows were much smaller than average. Typically, we see as an average of around 100 inches per window when we do an all window installation like this, but in this case the per window average came out to a considerably less average of 79 inches per window.

This installation was for 12 solar window screens totaling 948 inches, and two of them being arched windows for an installed cost of only $628.

3516 (3)

Front of home. Three windows, (2) arched and (1) 22×22. 80% solar screens made out of the black fabric and champagne frame.

The solar screen fabric that we used was the 80 percent. This customer did not use 90 percent fabric for any of her windows and the reason she did not was that we did this job in May when it was cooler and she felt the 80% was all that she needed. We actually measured the home at the end of April and we installed the screens on May, the 13th, 2013.

3516 (4)

Left side of home.

Then about two months later, the home owner wrote me a nice thank you letter and when she did, she told me that she now realized that she could have used the 90% fabric and would have been just fine with doing so for her West facing windows .

While she very much appreciated the solar screens in the 80 percent fabric, she said that she could have used that little bit of extra shade for her West (back of home) afternoon sun exposed windows, and that she recognized that when we got in to the 100 degree days. Nevertheless, she said that she was still extremely pleased with her 80% solar screens.

When she did the installation she was worried that the 90% fabric would have made it too dark in her house, but after having the 80% screens on, after experiencing the 80% fabric first-hand, she recognized that the screens did not make the inside as dark as she expected, and then understood that the 90% would have been just fine.

3516 (5)

Back of house. 80% black fabric with champagne frame.

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