116 Chocolate/White Missing Windows

*[#3508] For this Austin solar window screen installation, we installed 25 of our solar window screens. The total inches for this job was 2,338 inches. We did this installation on Friday, May, the 10th, 2013.


3508 (6)

Back of the home facing West, these windows got the 90% fabric. He did not cover the window going into the shed (bottom left of picture) with a solar screen. He did however cover his two back patio swing out doors.  Would have loved to have used our Austin patio screen product here to have provided patio solar shades for this patio.

We upgraded 10 of the solar window screens to the 90 percent solar window screen fabric. The 10 that we upgraded are located on the back of the home. It is the back of the home that faces the west.

3508 (4)

This is the front of the home. The customer did not put solar screens on any of the windows around his front door.

This customer did not put solar window screens around his front door or that rectangular or half circle window there over his front door.

3508 (3)

80% solar screens on the front of the house. No solar screens installed around the front door.

I do not like it when customers leave screens off any of their front windows, it just to me doesn’t look as good. I would have liked to have seen this customer put solar screens around his front door and those over his front door. However, this customer had existing old solar screens on his windows and it is typical with people that have had old solar screens that they want to put solar screens just on the windows where their old solar screens were.  Installers used to only put solar screens on the windows that opened, rarely would they put them on arched windows that did not open or windows around a front door, or bathroom glass block or frosted windows and never on doors. For many of our customers that have homes that had old solar screens on them, they have gotten comfortable with and used to the way the home looked.  From an outsider like me, when I see a home like what’s shown above, it looks unfinished.

My instincts tell me that had this guy moved into this house, and the house did not have any old solar screens on it, that he would have asked for us to have made solar screens for the windows around the front door.  I strongly suggested that he screen the windows around the front door, but he said he was accustomed to the way it was with his old screens (not having screens around the front door) and that was just fine with him.

About four months later, we came back and put solar screens on the home next door to this house.

3508 (5)

Left side of house. 80% solar screens.

This guy was so pleased with our installation services that he recommended us to his next‑door neighbor, and his next‑door neighbor was a very nice man, he was just elated to have us put the solar screens on his house.

Both of these homes had old solar screens that we hauled off for them.

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