115 Stucco/Champagne Mill Windows

*[#3504] For this Austin, Texas, solar screen installation, we installed 12 solar screens on all of the windows of the home to include 1023 inches. The customer requested our color help, they requested that we help them with picking their colors for this home.  Most customers do request our help with colors, as we are very good at this, we are very good at picking out a good color combination for your home.

3504 (4)

Front of home, 90% stucco solar screen fabric w/ champagne frame.  The home’s window frames are silver.  We used our champagne frame to sit on top of the silver window frame.  If you look closely, you can see some of the silver of the window’s frame.

We chose the stucco fabric with champagne frame. The pictures here really do not do this home justice. The home looks really pretty with the stucco fabric and champagne frame.

The customer has silver color window frames. With those silver colored window frames, the customer originally wanted to go with silver colored solar screen frames. Take a look at these pictures and you tell me what it would have looked like with that bright silver popping out at you from a thick 1″ wide silver solar screen framing.

3504 (6)

Back of home. These windows were not made for a pop-in installation, these screens had to mounted using our die cast metal turn clips. Because the framing of the solar screens is champagne, we used champagne colored turn clips and screws. I have seen many installations around town where installers have used silver turn clips and screws which just looks awful.

We subdued the silver of the window frames by using our champagne solar screen framing. The champagne solar screen framing not only ties in with the home really well to include the exterior brick, but it also ties in with the storm door. Their storm door is the exact same champagne color, so it was a perfect match, a perfect tie in.

We didn’t want that silver framing of the windows to jump out at you.

Now, you can still see some of the silver framing of the window as you can not cover up the entire window’s framing with solar screens, but you don’t see all that much of the silver framing, and the little bit that you do see, it’s subtle, it’s not all that noticeable.

3504 (5)

Left side of home, 80% stucco solar screens w/ champagne frame. Screens required die cast clip mounting, as the windows were not made to hold a full size screen.

This was a really pretty installation that turned out very well. I just wish the camera would have taken better pictures so that you could see how well it turned out.

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