114 Wood Framed OLD Windows

*[#3503] This is a home in Central Austin of which on Monday May the 6th, 2013 we installed seven solar screens. The seven solar screens equaled 573 inches.

3503 (3)

Central Austin TX 1950s style construction home with wood framed windows.

This customer having this color of a home requested that we help him with a color combination recommendation for his house.

We always make color combination recommendations for every home that we see and that is something that we leave behind once we see the house with our “We were here” paperwork.
Watch the following video that explains our process.

We will tell you on the yellow “We Were Here” paper that we leave behind what color combinations that we like for the home in order of preference, and we will leave behind in both 80% and 90% large sample screens of those recommended color combinations.  (Color combinations = fabric and frame colors).  Additionally, we will also recommend on that paperwork what windows should get the 80% fabric and what windows would benefit the most from the 90% fabric.

For this home, we used the 80% black fabric with white frame. however the stucco fabric would have worked really well for this house as well, but the customer already had two old solar screens on the left‑hand side of the home, and he wanted to keep those old solar screens.  They were older faded black solar screens, so it was best that we kept the same black color for our new solar window screens.

3503 (4)

Wood framed window with a recessed mounted solar screen.

Being that this home had old wood framed windows, what we did is that we direct screwed the solar screen framing to the recessed wood trim within the window frame, and we VERY IMPORTANTLY ONLY USE WOOD SCREWS.  All over town I see screens popping off people’s windows because those lazy installers chose to use Self Tapping screws when they screwed the screen to the wood trim.  Wood screws will hold, and it’s THE ONLY way you attach a screen when screwing into wood.

3503 (8)

Close-up picture of the wood screw. We use the same type of 1/4 ” head that we use for our self-tapping screws for consistency when we use the wood screws, and we paint the heads of the wood screws so that they look the same as the solar screen’s framing.

3503 (9)

Illustrates how we mount our solar screens on to wood framed windows.


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