112 Black/White Salmon Brick

*[#3499] Paula and I did this installation of nine solar screens here on this Austin, Texas home on one day and then a few weeks later put three more screens on.

3499 (3)

Notice there are not screens around the front door. Aesthetically this does not look good in my opinion.

This customer chose to not put solar screens on some of his windows, and then once the new screens were installed, he then wanted screens for those windows he chose not to do.

When we came over to install his new solar screens for the front of the home on the windows he chose, he didn’t like the way it looked because he left three windows uncovered.  He left one in the front (2nd floor left) and two on the left side. We told him, when he started this order with us (when we originally measured the house), that it wasn’t going to look good, but he chose to ignore our warning and do what he felt was best, what he needed the screens for. He did not feel that he needed solar screens on those windows, so he chose to leave them off.  Once he saw the new solar screens up, then he agreed with us.   Please see here for the additional costs for situations like this, for situations where you want to add a screen or two after an installation.

Now, take a look at the front of this home, you’ll see why we told him that leaving that screen off that top left window wasn’t going to look good.  Envision this picture showing the front of this home with a missing screen there on that 2nd floor left window.  It just looked odd.

3499 (4)

Front of home, black fabric with white frame.

He thought it would look just fine, because he was leaving the windows uncovered there over the front door as well as that circle over the front door.  In our opinion, it looks bad to not have screens over and around your front door, but to have them on all the other windows of the front of thehome.  You don’t have to put a solar window screen on the circle there over the front door that leads into the attic as that window looks dark, so it will match the new screens and not stand out, but you should for aesthetic reasons put screens on all your windows on the front of the home.  It just looks finished (complete) and much better.


Left side of home.

He originally just wanted solar screens for the front of his home, but since we were making a trip over there to put a solar screen on that 2nd floor left window, he then recognized that he could use the solar screens for the left side of the home as well.   As you can see in this picture, there’s plenty of sun hitting those windows there on the left side. He figured he would take advantage of us coming back over to put that one screen on and go ahead and put those two screens on as well.

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