111 Chocolate/Tan White Limestone

*[#3498] For this Pflugerville Texas solar screens installation, we installed 14 solar screens totaling 1,317 inches.

3498 (3)

Front of home, black 90% solar screens

We performed this Pflugerville solar screen installation on May the 3rd, 2013. The fabric that we used was the chocolate solar screen fabric with tan frame. We upgraded six of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric and the six that we upgraded are all located on the front of the home.

There shown on the front of the home, you have two half arched
windows that are side by side.

Two half arches account for two $20 arch fees. Please note, when you do your measurements, that is two windows, therefore, each window takes its own solar screen. Also, there to the right of the front door, you’re going to see two side-by-side rectangular windows.  From the inside of the home you may think that this is one window, as it is one large opening,  but it’s two windows mounted (installed by the builder) next to each other to form a large opening.

“Each window takes its own solar screen.”

3498 (4)

Left side of home.

The cost to put solar screens on all the windows of this home in
May of 2013 was only $847.

We put solar screens on all of these windows to include that back patio door. We like it when customers put the solar screens on the back patio door because, (A) it’s needed and, (B) it makes the home look that much better.

3498 (5)

Back of home, customer did not exclude window or door under patio. The back of the home looks complete and finished.

We have a great sun shades for patio product that would have worked well on this back patio.

Here’s (below) a close‑up picture of side‑by‑side mounted windows, that’s two 34″x60″ windows mounted next to each other.

Also in this picture you get to see what that tan frame looks like with the chocolate fabric up against this painted exterior.  It’s a real pretty look.

3498 (6)

Close-up showing tan solar screen frame mounted on top of a white window frame.

Shown in this picture you will see that the window frame is white and the solar screen framing is tan.  You can’t even hardly tell because that tan is such a subtle transition from that white, the white doesn’t really jump out at you.  Often people question this look saying it won’t look right if the window frame is white and we use tan for our solar screen framing.  In the correct situations (when I recommend it), the look will not only look right but it will look great.

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