110 Choc/White Install Accountability

*[#3497] On Friday, May, the 3rd, 2013, we installed these 11 solar screens for this Pflugerville solar screens installation that totaled 956 inches. We used the chocolate solar screen fabric with white frame. The customer did not upgrade any of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric.

3497 (3)

Front of home. 80% solar screens.

Had we done this Pflugerville solar screen installation in June, July, or August during the heat of the summer, my guess is that the customer would have chosen to have upgraded their solar screens to the 90 percent fabric.  We had quite a bit of correspondence with this customer trying to convince him to upgrade the fabric to the 90 percent, but because it was during a cooler part of the year, because it was in April, the customer didn’t really see the benefit.

What happens is, during the cooler months of the year, customers generally go with the 80 percent fabric. When it’s really hot, during the heat of the summer, the customers have a tendency to use the 90 percent fabric a lot.

I do remember having a conversation with this customer saying they wanted to have great outward visibility. While I tried to convince them that their outward visibility would not be all that impeded by that of the 90 percent solar screen fabric, they still chose to use the 80 percent solar screens.

3497 (4)

11 solar screens, all 80% fabric. Installation was done on a very windy day. We always meet our installation dates, you will never get an excuse from us delaying an installation.

Now, I remember this installation very well. This was one of those days that I feel most anyone else would have postponed the installation. This day, it was exceptionally windy. I distinctly remember being up on the ladder working on these windows over the garage having to have Paula hold the ladder because it was so windy.  The wind was SOOO strong, that  it was pushing me and the ladder over.  And, trying to keep the screens from getting mangled was no easy task.

During this install, I set the ladder up against the wall over the garage only to have the ladder get completely blown off and land on the ground.

It was very windy that day.

You can tell by looking at the trees there, see those shrubs being bent over, that’s from the wind.

It doesn’t matter if it’s windy, if it’s raining, or if it’s cold, if we tell you we’re going to be there on that day to put the solar screens on, you can rest assure that when you get home from work, your solar screens will be installed.

It really bothers me when contractors or people tell you they’re going to be at your home at a certain time or a certain day only to find out that they haven’t showed up or they put you off for someone else. We do not operate that way. We will be there to install the solar screens on the day that we tell you that we will be there.

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