108* Choc/Tan Lago Vista

[#3494] For this Lago Vista solar screen installation, we installed 37 of our solar screens.

If your home is in Lago Vista, which is out of our Austin TX service area, we can service your area, but there is a marginal additional travel cost to do so.  Please take a look at our Austin TX Solar Screen Service area map to see those costs.

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Front of home,. We built solar screens for all of these windows.

We built these solar screens out of our chocolate solar screen fabric with tan frame. The total inches for this job was 2,796 inches. We installed the solar screen installation on April, the 30th, 2013.

3494 (7)

Back of home, 80% solar screens were used for the 2nd floor. Solar Screens were not needed for the 1st floor under the patio covering. This side of the home did not get much sun.

People with patios like this often look for sun shades for the patio Solutions.


We upgraded 32 of these solar screens to the 90% solar screen fabric.

We installed one insect bug screen on the back of the home. On the back patio of the home, the customer wanted more insect bug screens, but we talked him out of them because what he had looked good and what we were able to build for him would be identical to what he had.  We didn’t see a justification to spend extra money.

This customer had us put the solar screens around his house and on his office. His office is the 2nd floor there over the garage.  He could have used our commercial grade roller shades for windows, but he gained BETTER shade by shading his windows from the oustide.

3494 (8)

Customer garage office that faces due West. These windows got pounded by the sun, thus the 90% solar screens were a huge help for this customer for these blazing hot windows.

There, over the garage, he had us put 90% solar screens on those windows.

The benefit for having 90% solar screens for this customer on these windows was huge as these windows are very large and they allowed a ton of sun to get in through the windows.

He took us up there and showed us how hot that room was. That room was exceptionally hot, as it had no shade from the sun.  He has that huge bank of windows there letting so much sun in.  But now with the windows getting shade from our 90 percent solar screens, the inside of that room is considerably cooler.

We also built two non‑rectangular solar screens for those octagon windows. These octagon windows he did not want to leave uncovered, which rightfully so I wouldn’t either if this was my property. It looked so much better with the solar screens up there. These octagon windows, we direct screwed to the wood framing going around the octagon windows as we had to because the wood trim covered the metal framing of the window.  If the metal framing was available for us to have screwed to, that’s what we would have done.  Instead, we used wood screws with painted heads to match the color of the solar screen framing.

The customer had plans to repaint and redo this side of the house, but he didn’t know when. In the meantime, he wanted to go ahead and have the solar screens installed, and then at a later date, he recognized he could simply unscrew the solar screens and then screw them back on whenever he was ready.

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