106 Chocolate/Champ LT Brown Brick

[#3492] For this Round Rock solar screen installation, we installed chocolate solar screens with champagne frames. We installed a total of 1,764 inches. We made 17 of our solar screens that we installed on the back of this customer’s home. This customer upgraded all of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric with the exception of those on the back patio.

For these under the back patio we could have used our sun shades for patio roller shade solutions.

For these under the back patio we could have used our sun shades for patio roller shade solutions.

For those under the back patio he wanted to leave at the 80 percent. He didn’t get any light or any sun in the windows there of the back patio, but so that his home would stay true to form to a favorable aesthetic appearance , for the back of his home to look clean, he chose to put solar screens on those windows under that back patio. It looks really good to me, it looks clean and consistent.

3492 (6)

Now, take a look at the following two pictures here.

3492 (11)These are side‑by‑side windows that call for a pop‑in installation meaning there’s a track at the top of the window and one at the bottom of the window to hold the screen.

3492 (12)

3492 (7)The thing with these windows is there’s not a raised mullein in between the solar screens. The wind potentially could get behind these two side by side solar screens and pull them out from the windows.  As a precautionary measure, we used the die‑cast metal clips and screwed those into the window frame to hold the solar screens in place.  As shown below and to the right here.

3492 (10)


By looking at this picture you will see that there is no way now that the wind would ever be able to get behind those solar screens to pull them out. This ensures for us that these screens are going to stay in these windows for a long time.




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