105 Chocolate/Tan LT Brown Brick

[#3491]  For this Leander solar screen installation, we installed our solar screens on every window of this Leander Texas home. The total number of windows on this home is 14 windows to include the back patio door. That’s 13 windows and the back patio door, which makes 14 windows. The total inches is 1,452 inches. We upgraded five of these windows to the 90 percent solar screen fabric.

3491 (3)The five that we upgraded are on the front, right, and one on the left side of the house. Not all homes face due west or due east. Some homes face catty corner to west and east like this house. Some of the back windows don’t get very much sun, some of the front windows do get a lot of sun, and some don’t get a lot of sun.

3491 (4)

With this home, you just have to know your house or you can rely on us with our compass to be able to help you. The windows of this home are made out of vinyl. Therefore, we direct screwed the solar screens to the vinyl windows. Go to this section of our web page where we talk about vinyl window installation techniques.

Take a look at this picture here that shows a solar screen on the back patio door. Sometimes, people will have us put a brown frame around that chocolate fabric so they don’t see that white frame for the solar screen.

3491 (7)

I’ve done a lot of these, and I personally don’t like it when you do that because it makes it look like there are two different kinds of solar screens there.

Personally, I like it if you have a solar screen fabric that’s made out of chocolate fabric in white frame. I like to see that on all of the windows to include that back patio door. When you break it up and you make that solar screen on that back patio door look like it’s different, it just seems odd, it makes it out of place to me.

3491 (6)

This way when it’s chocolate and white, it’s all uniform, and you know what it is, you know what it’s about, it just flows to me better.

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