What are Patio Roller Shades?

We make our Roller Shade Screens to provide shade for your Patio, or for Commercial Buildings where you need to shade the windows from the inside. When installed for commercial building use, our commercial grade roller shades (business window shades) are installed on the inside of the windows. For a patio, our manual exterior roller shades are installed anywhere we can to provide maximum shade for your patio and ease to roll them up and down. Roll up shade screens are an ideal option for patio sun shade, as our exterior patio roll up sun shades can easily be manually rolled up and down for when needed. All of our exterior sun shades for patios and interior commercial window shades we make here locally at our shop and are made out of our heavy duty solar screen fabric. Our exterior porch shades are built to last.

How much do your installed Patio Roller Shades cost?

The above retractable roller shade pricing is based on a Total Quantity.  If you are looking for three installed retractable roller sun shades of any size, then the pricing column you would use to get that pricing is the Installed Qty 2-3 column.  The pricing is based on “up to the next size” up to widths, meaning if you require pricing for a 100″ solar shade, you will use the 108″ row pricing.  All our retractable solar roll shades are made with the same maximum height of 85″.  These prices include a measure and installation trip. The first column is our DIY Self Install Qty 1 Pricing for our retractable roller sun shades.  You can click on the link that reads Self-Install to be taken to the order system where you will order these and to see what larger quantity pricing will look like, or you can follow this link to be taken to our DIY (self-install) Roller Shade website.

What Colors are available for your Patio Roller Shades?

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